Photo Evidence

This picture shows the outline of a man in the upper half of the mirror on the bedroom door, whom we affectionately refer to as "John Wilkes Booth".  When the owner was asked about the mirror, we were told that the mirrors had just been cleaned that day prior to the investigation.  Soldiers and Civil War-era figures had been seen in the house and property surrounding it.


Here is an "orb" picture taken at the same Franklin residence in the back yard.  Many folks in the field would jump up and down at this photo, but we determined that it was nothing more than pollen caught by the camera flash.  NO SPIRITS HERE!

This photo was taken at a Mt. Pleasant, TN residence.  There is a very colorful face in the right section of the left window.  We call it "Aunt Jemima" because it is very similar to the copyrighted brand's image.  Even more odd is the fact that the owner had some items in the house which had similar types of faces on them, but they were nowhere near this room or the wall that could have been reflected.


This photo was taken at the Sam Davis home in Smyrna, TN.  It is a shot of the original Sam Davis home which was moved there from another location.  There appears to be a figure in the open doorway of the left door on the house.  But the door was not even open.  This happens sometimes in photos, where the image not only contains something paranormal but items in the photo are different than what our eyes were seeing at the time.

These pictures should be examined together.  The top picture was taken a couple of seconds before the bottom picture.  Both are of a vacant log home in the Springfield, TN area.  There are no figures in the windows in the first picture, but a woman's face is clearly visible in the far right window in the second picture.  Some believe the woman is wearing a wedding dress, and one of her arms is near her face, which does support the story of a spirit haunting the house.  These pictures were taken with a higher-resolution camera than the others above, which certainly makes looking at details in a photo easier.

This photo was taken at Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN. After a tour in May, our group stayed around and took tons of pictures. It shows the front porch on the mansion. To the left of the last column on the right, there is a child's face seen peeking out from behind the column. The right eye, cheekbone, and corner of the mouth are visible. What makes this photo even more interesting is the hair is seen in front of the spindle to the left!

This photo was taken at Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN. It depicts the back porch on the house where people enter for tours. This picture clearly shows a man sitting on the bench to the right of the door. He has a tie or open uniform jacket. There appears to be a woman in a large dress standing to his right whose image is partially hidden behind the column. There were no people on this side of the house at the time the photo was taken.
seated figure This photo was also taken at Carnton Plantation. Again we see a figure, presumably a man, seated to the left of the door. This could be the same figure as in the previous photo, but we're not sure. The woman does not appear in this photo.
seated figure This photo was also taken at Carnton Plantation. This time we see 3 or 4 people on the front porch. The rest of our group were in the cemetery at the time that this photo was snapped. This group of pictures are excellent examples of apparitions captured that the naked eye does not see.